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Even though the pandemic continues, Governor Edwin ′′ Kuya Gob ′′ Jubahib is not satisfied in his continuous wandering around the barangayans, to congratulate the government for the people.

′′ It's important that we can make our countrymen feel that we are giving them importance," Brother Gob said to the media members that he accompanied him in his roundabouts in the city of Talaingod.

He started serving as a new governor, he didn't go to the governor for a long time, especially the places in the province, including the communities of Indigenous People (IPs) that have been neglected for a long time.

His goal is to meet the residents so that he will know their true situation and fears, so that he will be given enough attention as much as he can.

′′ Big thing... when we go to their place. That even remotely they can feel that our government and their leaders really love them," says governor.

Despite the many jobs and visitors in his office, the governor will find time to visit the barangays.

Out of the progress of the important projects, Brother Gob will see that the government agencies, local officials and military officers and police officers are always in touch with the barangays.

It's a good thing to the governor that he's more enthusiastic about welcoming him to the residents when he's going to the communities.

′′ The effect is big because when I come to the area I see that they are happy... They are having the courage and they think that this is really the government that really gives them importance," said by Brother Gob.

One example of this is three times that Brother Gob went to all the barangays in the province during lockdown last year, to bring food packs to the people's condition.






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