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Davao del Norte is a Leading,
Innovative and Competitive Province
with Empowered and Resilient People.

We Commit Ourselves To Uplift The Quality Of Life For All Dabaonons By:

Championing excellence in governance and administration towards operational peace

Providing globally competitive products and services with local market advantage

Adopting science-based policies and technologies in environmental protection, climate-smart agriculture, disaster-risk management, infrastructure development and social needs

Promoting international tourism while preserving and protecting the environment and cultural heritage

Sustaining business-friendly environment for rural and urban development

Developing skilled and certified workforce to participate in knowledge economy and global arena

Strengthening people’s collaboration in all level of governance

Thus, ensuring sustainable inclusive development.




K.U.Y.A. G.O.B  N.G.  M.A.S.A.

K nowledge Management, Education and Sports
U niversal health and Social Services
Y ield growth agriculture and sustainable environment
A dequate infrastructure facilities
G reater livelihood and income opportunities
O peration peace and development framework
B road-based economic growth and investment

urturing Society
G ender Responsive Development

M ulti Modal Utility Network
A ccess to Financial Services and Financial Inclusion
S ustainable Tourism and Culture
A bsorptive Capacity Development


We, the Provincial Government Officials and Employees, passionately inspired by our institution’s Vision of attaining the “highest quality of life for all Dabaonon”, and deeply enlightened by the Divine Providence, do hereby solemnly pledge to:

1. Be mindful always of the Constitutional nature of our Office as a Public Trust; as such, we shall serve our Dabaonon people with accountability, utmost responsibility, loyalty and efficiency;
2. Be mindful of our organization’s core values, namely:

a. Integrity as demonstrated by honesty, transparency and strong resolve to fight graft and corruption in all levels of our bureaucracy;
b. Competence as demonstrated by service  excellence; and
c. Commitment as demonstrated by constant observance of this pledge and to respond to public needs beyond official call of duty.

3. Be mindful of the reforms in Government thrust to change with the end view of transforming the institution into an organizationally dynamic, technologically responsive and gender-fair. By virtue of this pledge we dedicate ourselves to you, our dear constituents, because you deserve no less. So help us God.