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The Provincial Government of Davao del Norte (PGDDN), in an unprecedented move, has joined hands with the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Center to spearhead an initiative aimed at revitalizing the local economy through strategic investments and collaborations.

On August 16-17, 2023, the first venture under this alliance unfolded as an exclusive in-person workshop. This event targeted Local Economic Development and Investment Promotion Officers (LEDIPOs) and PPP-Focals in Davao del Norte. The highly specialized workshop was crafted to equip the province's economic and investment personnel with the essential tools, knowledge, and best practices for attracting and managing public-private partnership projects.

Both parties share a common goal: to stimulate interest and meaningful engagement from investors in PPP projects across Davao del Norte. The province is home to an array of investment opportunities in sectors ranging from agriculture to tourism, infrastructure to technology, all of which would benefit immensely from well-structured PPP initiatives.

This collaborative effort reflects the unwavering commitment of both the PGDDN and the PPP Center to long-term, sustainable growth in Davao del Norte. By imparting targeted training to LEDIPOs and PPP-Focals, the initiative will be laying the groundwork for a series of successful PPP projects that could transform the economic landscape of the province.

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